Add, modify or remove a restriction after registration

It is possible to add, modify or delete a restriction after completing the recording. Those functionalities are available in each of the Voxlog products, namely Voxlog Suite, Voxlog Unique and Voxlog Pro. To do so, you must have the right to manage restrictions.

Post-recording restrictions


This type of restrictions can be accessed via the replay window, using the search results. Simply follow these few steps according on if you want to modify or delete a restrictions or if you need to add a new one.

In the search results display window :
1. Select the folder on which you want to make a change
2. Click the Manage Camera Restrictions button.
A window will open (Existing folders) showing the segments of the selected folder with the restrictions entered during recording.



Modify and delete a restriction


1. In the Restriction Management window, select the desired restriction.
2. Click the appropriate button: Modify or Delete.



Add a restriction


1. In the Restriction Management window, select the relevant segment.
2. Click the Add button.
3. Adding or modifying a restriction then goes through the Restriction Properties window where the restriction type and the time range covered are specified.

As with registration, adding a specific restriction (type 2) requires specifying the users who will have access to the restriction.


Refer to the user guide for more details on haw to add, modify or delete a restriction after recording. You will find it in the Help (?) section of the software.


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