Listen to Voxlog audio files with an Apple device

The Voxlog product range (Voxlog Suite, Voxlog Unique and Voxlog Pro) has been developed for use in a Microsoft environment. However, certain functions can be used with an Apple device. Indeed, you can listen to audio files with a Apple device.


Listen to audio files with Voxlog’s web version

If your organization has the web version of our solution, you will be able to search and listen to audio files with the same security and rights.


Listen to audio files from a copy of the recording

If you are an external speaker and you have been given a copy of a hearing on a CD/DVD or USB key, you will be able to listen to the audio files on an Apple device.

First, you need to copy the audio files on the media to your computer.

Then, change their name to replace the last three numbers of the file (*.000) by .mp3.

Once done, your audio software will be able to play them as a standard audio file. However, this approach will not allow the use of a footswitch for transcription and no annotation (available in the Microsoft version) will be possible to position in the audio file.

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