Audio recording software for attorneys

As attorneys, you need to follow many regulations to meet compliance standards which you are subjected to.

In your practice, you have to take depositions, conduct pre-interviews or even, have to meet clients, colleagues, partners or suppliers. During these meetings, where a lot of information is exchanged, you probably think: “what a good thing if I could have an audio recording of what has been said”. Voxlog Pro allows it for you, finally!

By recording your meetings, you will maximize your return on investment while satisfying many of these regulations. You will also protect yourself during disagreements and even disputes. Voxlog Pro offers the best value for compliance and protection.

  • Mazimize your return of investment
Security of Mind

In case of dispute or disagreements, you can listen to your recordings.

Maximize your ROI

Maximize the available income from your customers instead of paying a third party.


Be compliant with court practices

Transcription in an external firm

Allows the recordings extraction for external transcription

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