The last few months, we have been working hard to offer you new features in the Voxlog software suite in a new version.

In addition to offering several new features that enhance the user experience, we are continually developing our Voxlog product suite to best suit the most demanding requirements. For all of our suite, this new version is adapted to the latest versions of Microsoft 8 and 10.


New features of Voxlog Client

Here are the improvements to our solution, requested and made for its users. We find among others:

• text size changes,
• options in the behavior of adding annotations,
• moving the view-meters to the window. They are always visible with the possibility for those who have a docket of the day to display permanently.

However, there is more than that, because our goal is to make the user experience better.

We have integrated into our Voxlog Client software the control of USB lamp. It makes it possible to indicate to all, the state of the recording.

We improved the speed, drastically, of our solution when we record multiple audio files simultaneously for those who have a docket of the day.

To complete, the printing of the minutes has been modified in order to join in the same minutes, hearings from the same file, but heard at multiple times/days to produce a single document.

Also, when printing any minutes, we allow the addition of four fields from your docket of the day.


New features of Voxlog Copy

We have reintegrated automatic CD burning as it was possible in the old Courtlog version, in order to simplify your work once again.



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