Audio Recording Solution for Courts and Hearings

3 complete voice recording software designed to answer the needs of every hearing administrator.

Logo Voxlog Suite

Voxlog is a complete voice recording software suite designed for the courts, administrative and municipal courts, and hearings.

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Logo Voxlog Unique

Voxlog Unique offers you an all-in-one solution. This product includes the Voxlog Client, Voxlog Server and Voxlog Copy software which are all available from a single computer.

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Logo Voxlog Pro

The affordable audio recording solution

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  • documents your decisions
Annotate at any time

Take notes during and after the recordings to add comments or references.

Increase productivity

Access recordings anywhere and at any time.

Save time

Reduce time spent on minutes and improve transcription precision.

Quick and easy search

Quick and easy search for audio files using a precise time reference, even while recording.

Comparative Products Table
voxlog suite logo voxlog unique logo voxlog pro logo
Record, search and playback      
Windows 8 and 10 Support      
2 or 4 channels recording      
Docket of the day integration      
Comprehensive annotations for faster transcription      
Personal annotation      
Monitoring of recording station      
Files central copy solution      
Included Backup and Recovery      
Files transfer between local stations to a supervised and secure server      
Windows 2008 and 2012 Support      
VM Ware Support * (except the Voxlog Client components)      
IIS Support      
Web interface search and playback        
Files local copy solution        
Transactions audit trail      
Consultation – listening      
Confidentiality changes      
Exportation (burning)      
Metadata modification (annotations)      
Fallback in case of fault functioning      
Active directory integration      
Unique authentication      
Links to corporate security policies      
Easy management      
Better recovery capacity      
MS-SQL 2008 Express local support      
DB MS SQL 2008-2014 and Oracle 11G Support      
Inscription of the original MD5 key in database      
MS Access local support      
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*It is the client's responsibility to ensure that his staff has the technical knowledge of the installation and the configuration of the virtual machine.