Voxlog Lamp

The LED light that reflects in real time the status of a recording

You probably noticed that sometimes, in a courtroom, there is no visual indicator allowing present people to know that a recording is in progress. With Voxlog Lamp, this problem is now solved.

Voxlog Lamp is actually a LED light which, connected to a computer and through the configuration of a color code, reflect, in real time, the state of the Voxlog Client application. Each recording status (in progress, paused, stopped) is associated with a color, allowing people in a room to know the status of the recording.

Easy to install and simple to use, Voxlog Lamp is compatible with all versions of Voxlog and with the old version Courtlog. If you need to move, Voxlog Lamp will follow you everywhere. With its compact size, it can be transported easily.


Voxlog Lamp Brochure

Discover Voxlog Lamp

Easy to use

Connect Voxlog Lamp into a USB port to use it

Better documentation

Display your recordings status

Maximized mobility

Use Voxlog Lamp at any time and any place

Custom configuration

Change easily the color code established by default


Simple installation

Simple installation in few easy steps


Several customization criteria are available

Voxlog Lamp

  • Configuration through a configuration file
  • Several color choices are available for display
  • Adjustable intensity of the light
  • The status of the verification period is modifiable
  • Plug and see installation
Technical Specifications
  • Powered by a USB connector
  • 3M USB cable included
  • Dimensions : 74mm x 35mm (2,91’’ x 1,38’’)
  • Compatible with all versions of Courtlog and Voxlog Client