Voxlog Pro

The Affordable Audio Recording Solution


Voxlog Pro offers a tailored audio capture solution to meet a critical need: document your decisions. Many conversations are done verbally with your customers, partners, employees or colleagues and Voxlog Pro can help you manage your meetings effectively by adding a timestamped audio file to your folders. It will be an asset for you!

It will be of great help to you during disagreements verbal contracts, interviews or any other needs used to prove your claims. You will simply copy your records to your digital files.

Voxlog Pro is an affordable voice recording solution for attorneys. Installing in minutes, Voxlog Pro converts your laptop into a recording station.

Add recordings to your customers’ file to document your decisions, it’ll be an asset for you.


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On the road

Attend to external meetings with audio captures on a laptop

Better documentation

Easily integrates into your electronic documentation that you own audio recordings.

Security of mind

In case of disputes or misunderstandings, you can listen to your recordings.

Easy to use

A simple click allows recording

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Voice recording

  • Allows recording from a desktop computer or from a laptop for travelers
  • Many recording stations towards a central storage
  • Possibility to put the recording on hold


  • Annotate during and after the audio capture
  • Quickly identify speakers, events and minutes
  • Eliminate problems resulting from incomplete or incorrect notes
  • Timestamped annotations with recording


  • The audio files are available anytime, anywhere
  • Quick access to the deliberations by clicking on the annotation


  • On your computer
  • Make a copy to an external playback

Time Reference

• Precise time reference
• Automatic stamping of the time at which the events occur


• Quick and easy search for audio files (by name, creation date, keywords)
• Allows searches for audio files even while recording

Voxlog Pro


  • Record, search and playback
  • Files local copy solution
  • 2 channels recording
  • Windows 7-8 and 10 support
Advanced security measures implementation:


  • Transactions audit trail
  • Consultation – listening
  • Confidentiality changes
  • Exportation (burning)
  • Metadata modification (annotations)
  • Easy management
  • MS Access local support
Technical Specifications

Prerequisites: Windows 7-8 & 10

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Why recording your appointment?

  • Provide proof in case of a claim
  • Better follow up on customer files
  • Be protected in case of litigation
  • An important complement in the client files management
  • Help to conform to the standard of document management
  • Provide an optimal service for service contracts
  • Easily share your meetings safely with your coworkers