Voxlog Copy

Add a recording to your files

Voxlog Copy allows the digital copying of hearings for your customers. The annotations, the audio files, and Voxlog Player are included in the production of each request. With Voxlog Player, no downloading is needed to listen to the files. There is also an invoicing module that you can personally configure so that it produces custom-made invoices.

  • Make complete or partial copies of hearings in digital format. The selection is precise to the second.
  • Allows copying on CD/DVD, USB or other digital formats.
  • Make copying profitable using the invoicing module.
Replay Software Included
  • No need to download any software to listen to your copies at home or at the office.

Voxlog Copy

  • Record, search and playback
  • Comprehensive annotations for faster transcription
  • Personal annotation
  • Recording station monitoring
  • Files central copy solution
  • Included Backup and Recovery
  • Files transfer between local stations to a supervised and secure server
  • 2 or 4 channels recording
  • Docket of the day integration
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 Support
  • Windows 2008 up to 2016 Support
  • VM Ware Support
  • IIS Support
Advanced security measures implementation:
  • Fallback in case of fault functioning
  • Transactions audit trail
    • Consultation – listening
    • Confidentiality changes
    • Exportation (burning)
    • Metadata modification (annotations)
  • Active directory integration
    • Unique authentication
    • Links to corporate security policies
  • Support des BD MS SQL 2016 et Oracle 12C
  • Inscription de la clé MD5 dans la base de données
  • Support local de MS SQL 2008 express
  • Meilleure capacité de récupération
  • Facilité de gestion
  • Volume: 48 MB
  • OS: Windows 7-8-10-2008-2012-2016
  • Prerequisites: Sound card
  • VMware: VMware Player
  • MS SQL: 2005-2008-2012-2014-2016
  • Oracle: 8-9-10-11-12

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