Voxlog Pro makes teamwork happen, the easy way

Voxlog Pro makes teamwork happen, the easy way

In today’s fast paced workplaces, it’s easy to miss out on important details, namely those discussed at meetings.

For the modern-day workers and managers, having access to data is vital to achieving any level of productivity so that’s one of the reasons how Voxlog Pro makes a difference when used to record voice, at meetings.

Whether you’re hosting a meeting or attending one, Voxlog Pro accompanies you everywhere your laptop PC goes. A few clicks and you’re recording voice. The meeting then goes on to progress normally but in this case, nothing said goes unrecorded. The resulting audio file then becomes a trusted reference for what’s been said.

A higher sense of trust grows from having an audio file. Disagreements are more quickly resolved and little is left to wild interpretations since the audio facts come with the non-verbal cues which add perspective to any verbal communication. Being able to refer to facts brings any team much closer to achieving the stated goals.

Teams love to share information and audio files are just perfect for that purpose.

With Voxlog, it’s easy to share the entire audio file or just part of it. In some instances, there might be a need to create different clips intended for different members of the team. Editing audio files makes it easy to divide the audio data into exactly what each team member needs. That sharing logic can also extend to consultants or even clients. You decide how you use your stored audio files.

Teams come in all sizes. It can be a solo endeavor at first but whether it grows into a team of two or more, Voxlog helps you record voice. As more audio files are added to your digital library, Voxlog makes it easy for you to access them, usually using the exact same project identifiers you already use, in your other case or project management software. For teams, this flatlines the learning curve and boosts productivity.

Engaging meetings need reliable software to record voice so that nothing is lost, from those important formal or informal work sessions.

Get your own free 30 day trial for Voxlog Pro and start recording your meetings. You can then keep your recordings, for as long as you wish, no strings attached.

It’s the best way to get more familiar with our digital voice recording software.

If you’re wondering how teamwork can reach the next level in your organization, try voice recording and see how the power of hard facts helps everyone decide better.

Now is the time to make data work, for you and your team. Teamwork never had it so good as when voice is properly and reliably recorded, with Voxlog.

Claude Gélinas

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