In our fast-paced work environments, it’s easy to miss important details, especially those discussed in meetings.

For workers and managers, having access to information is vital to achieving productivity goals. That’s one of the reasons why it’s important to record voice in meetings using Voxlog Pro software.



Whether you are the meeting organizer or a meeting participant, Voxlog Pro follows you wherever you take your Windows computer. A few clicks and you are recording voice. The meeting then continues as normal, but in this case nothing escapes recording. The resulting audio file becomes an official reference to what was said.


Improve teamwork

Teams are not one size fits all. On the contrary, they can start as a solo initiative and evolve into a duo and then several members, but in all cases, Voxlog helps you record the voice. As more audio files are added to your digital library, Voxlog helps you to access them, usually via the same credentials you already use in your case or project management software. For teams, this makes access easier while increasing productivity.

A greater sense of confidence accompanies the mere existence of the audio file. Disputes are settled more quickly and little is left to interpretation since the recorded facts reveal the non-verbal as well as the verbal, adding perspective to any communication. Being able to refer to the facts is a tool for any team wishing to achieve common goals.

Teams like to share information and audio files work well in this regard.

With Voxlog, it is possible to share an audio file in its entirety or, when useful, just a part of it. It’s up to you. Sometimes it may be necessary to prepare different audio segments for different team members. Editing (or dubbing) an audio recording allows you to divide the audio information according to the exact needs of each team member. This logic of selective sharing can also be applied to the needs of consultants or even clients. You choose the use you make of the audio files you have stored.

Today’s effective meetings require the use of highly reliable voice recording software so that nothing is lost in those work sessions, whether formal or informal.


Download and try an audio recording software

Get your free 30-day trial of Voxlog Pro and start recording your meetings. You can then keep your recordings for as long as you like, without any further obligations.

This is the best way to get familiar with our voice recording software.

If you’re still wondering how teamwork can reach new heights in your organization, try voice recording and see for yourself how the power of facts, proven and verifiable, helps everyone make better decisions.

Now is the time to make data work, for you and your team. Teamwork never had it so good as when voice is properly and reliably recorded, with Voxlog.



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