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Voxlog is the preferred solution when choosing a digital voice recording software suite for courts, child advocacy centers, attorneys, administrative hearings.

Easy to use, Voxlog will help you optimize performance, improve operational efficiency and document your decisions especially.


Hearings recording software for judicial tribunals.

Administrative Court

Hearings recording software for administrative tribunals.

Municipal Court

Voice recording software for municipal court.


Audio capture solution for attorneys.

Digital Audio Recording Solutions

Voxlog Suite is a voice recording software designed to adapt to different market types including judicial and administrative tribunals and municipal courts.


  • Record, search and listen
  • Numerous alarm and restriction levels
  • Enables audio capture in a fixed room or on the road
  • Foot pedal support
  • Requires minimal training
  • Easy to use, complete and accurate
  • General annotations can be managed from any computer


Voxlog Unique offers you an all-in-one solution. This product includes the Voxlog Client, Voxlog Server, and Voxlog Copy software.


  • Complete solution: all available from a single computer
  • Easy to install, manage and use
  • Change hearing locations with security and flexibility


Audio recording and associated data capture software for professionals.


  • Eliminate problems resulting from incomplete or incorrect notes
  • Quick access to the deliberations by clicking on the annotation
  • In case of disputes or misunderstandings, you could listen your recordings
  • Easily integrates into your electronic documentation that you own audio recordings

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