Voxlog documents your decisions

Since its foundation, Voxlog has been developing innovative, scalable and adaptable software solutions for audio and data capture that specifically answer the needs of the judicial, disciplinary and organizational environments.

Much more than a simple voice recording system, Voxlog lets you archive, annotate, play and duplicate recordings. Voxlog helps organizations proactively and efficiently capture and manage their voice content. As a result, organizations are able to extract the vocal intelligence of their interactions. We give you the possibility to document your decisions.

Voxlog is installed in more than 1000 courtrooms and tribunals; which makes it one of the most important digital recording systems for courtrooms in Canada.

Voxlog is a registered trademark of Comnet Technologie Inc.

Our team
Louis Turmel

Louis Turmel

Louis Turmel is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been working in the information technology and computing sectors for more than 25 years.

Talents and Careers

You are looking for a stimulating position in a constantly evolving business? Welcome to Voxlog.

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