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Create a support ticket

The service ticket is the best way to contact us in case of a problem. Follow these few steps to get there quickly.

Participate in a remote help session

For assistance with the installation of Voxlog or a technical problem, you can participate in a remote help session.

Listen to Voxlog Audio files with an Apple device

The Voxlog product range has been developed for use in a Microsoft environment. However, it is possible to listen to files with Apple. Follow these few steps.

Add, modify or delete a restriction after recording

This functionality is available in each of the products in the Voxlog suite. To achieve this, perform these few steps.

Burn your recordings with Voxlog Copy

Easy and efficient, here’s how to burn your audio recordings from your PC to CD, DVD or USB key with Voxlog Copy.

Here a number of ways to reach us

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Technical guide addressing the most frequently asked questions about the use of our products.

Technical Support

See different methods to reach a technical support agent.

Opening a Ticket

The best way to contact us is to open a support ticket so that we can help you quickly.