A “no-brainer” implementation

At Voxlog, we carefully plan the solution installation in order to ensure optimal proceedings. We also ensure the follow-up and support from the start to the end of the process. Voxlog’s integration is carried out without disrupting your operations.


Complete carefree coverage

Our service contracts include:

Technical support for the implemented solutions by our qualified technicians.

Patches, updates, repairs and on-site or workshop replacements.

Telephone assistance for managing and using Voxlog solutions.

Discounts on future upgrades of your recording solutions.

Implementation process

Our process was developed according to rigorous project management and organization methods. Here are the 5 steps of our process:

Needs identification

Project launch

Deployment / Installation



Implementation process table


Key activities


Needs identification
  • Understanding the business model
  • Evaluating needs
  • Analyzing the hardware and software infrastructure
  • Developing an optimal solution configuration
  • Determining the implementation and/or migration strategy
  • Proposal
  • Work statement (work plan)
Project launch
  • Appointment of a project leader
  • Launch meeting
  • Information gathering for the solution’s detailed configuration
  • Detailed installation plan
  • Detailed software configuration plan
  • Implementation plan
Deployment / Installation
  • Software integration and configuration
  • Migration of the old data, if needed
  • Startup
  • Technical support personnel and administrator training.
  • Final user training
  • Implementation of the solution in your environment
  • Personnel training
  • Service contract activation
  • Optimization, parameters validation, and break-in period
  • Optimized system
  • Post-mortem meeting for the continuous improvement process
  • Integration of the implementation and configuration in Comnet Technologie’s client relations management system documentation
  • Implementation report
  • Client satisfaction questionnaire
  • Organized information for customer service

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