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I forgot or locked my password. What should I do?

1.Contact your organization’s network administrator.

2.If your network administrator does not have the rights or an account to restore your password, ask the person in charge of your Voxlog account to reach the technical support at 418.830.0495, extension #2.

What is the solution's recording quality?

The quality of the recording is excellent. The Voxlog suite has been optimized for voice recording. We support 2 and 4-channel recording. Additionally, you can set a superior recording quality, if needed, although this will require more storage space since the audio files will be larger.

Our tribunal wants to record its hearings but they take place in different locations. Is it possible?

Voxlog Unique is the perfect solution for such a necessity. This software set allows all the components necessary to record, play, manage and copy your hearings (on CD/DVD) to be placed on the same laptop. We also offer a carrying case, microphones and an audio mixer to simplify transport.

We need to record hearings that take place in varions rooms located in different places. Can the recordings be stored in a centralized fashion?

Yes. Voxlog allows decentralized recording modes, with a centralized database and audio recordings storage. There is a “share” mode and a “synchronized” mode. The mode will be selected to meet your needs and fit your corporate infrastructure.

What are the operating systems supported by Voxlog?

The Voxlog suite has been developed for the Microsoft environment. Therefore, in regard to the user stations, Voxlog works on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. For central stations, in other words, the servers, Voxlog supports Windows 2008 to 2019.

Can I listen to a hearing copy provided by the tribunal on my Apple computer?

The Voxlog suite was developed for the Microsoft environment. On the medium (which can be a CD, a DVD or a USB drive) that the tribunal has given you, you will find one or more audio files (ending with 000). Copy these files on your Apple computer and rename them by changing the .000 extension to .mp3. The audio player will then be able to play the recordings.

I would like to record some of our organization's meetings. How could the Voxlog suite help me?

Voxlog can be used to record any type of meeting that your organization wishes to record. You deem important what is being said during a meeting, Voxlog can help you document any decision taken during any one of these meetings. A tribunal’s legal structure demands organization and it applies to the management of hearing related data. With Voxlog, you get security as well as flexibility.

We already have a database manager. Can Voxlog use it?

Yes. The Voxlog suite requires a database to be set up. It supports ORACLE (version 8 and up) and Microsoft SQL Server (2000 and subsequent versions). If you do not have a database manager, we install Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Can a recording be played while it is still in progress?

Certainly. You simply have to use the direct listening option, located in the control panel of the Voxlog Client application.

What is the difference between global and personal annotation?

A global type annotation is an annotation that any Voxlog Client user can see and make available during the recording session.

A personal type annotation is an annotation that can only be seen by the user that is connected to the Voxlog Client application on the recording PC.

What are the supported pedals for transcribing?
Supported Foot Pedals Types Connection Starting Version
Olympus RS27 foot pedal USB Port (October 10,2012)
Santo FS-USB1 foot pedal USB Port (June 3, 2009)
Philips 210/90B foot pedal USB Port (August 28, 2006)
VEC foot pedal USB Port (April 13, 2004)
FTR foot pedal (Autre Type 2) Game Port (April 13, 2004)
Olympus foot pedal Serial Port (February 25, 2004)
FTR foot pedal (Autre Type 1) Game Port (July 9, 2003)
Courtlog foot pedal Game Port (July 7, 2003)

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