We offer you the opportunity to take in-depth training on our recording solution so that your employees have the necessary skills and knowledge. It’s simple and effective! Let us train you.

In order to ensure a successful integration of Voxlog, our approach is to share our expertise so that you can get the most out of it, with the least amount of effort.

You prefer to learn by yourself? It’s possible! We have developed comprehensive tools that allow you to learn how to use Voxlog’s products on your own.

We offer 2-step training

Training designed for the technical support team

During deployment, our technicians present the necessary knowledge to understand the Voxlog architecture, the configurable parameters and the management task.

Training designed for the system users and supervisors

Our trainers teach your employees how to make full use of the Voxlog solutions.

You can organize your own training sessions.

The use of Voxlog products can be mastered in less than a day! By using the available tools (training manual and user guide), you will minimize the costs of integrating new resources while ensuring perpetual use of the products over time.

Here a number of ways to reach us

Need some help?


Technical guide addressing the most frequently asked questions about the use of our products.

Technical Support

See different methods to reach a technical support agent.

Opening a Ticket

The best way to contact us is to open a support ticket so that we can help you quickly.