Voxlog Integrator

Integrate your information in the docket of the day

For each case heard, Voxlog Integrator enables the integration of docket information into the Voxlog solution. This integration can originate from various sources. Among the possible sources are TXT files, Word files, databases and many others!

From the beginning of the recording, the court clerk can insert data with no more difficulty than a simple click of the mouse. Associated data is now available to simplify the search. This simplification improves the understanding of the file. This data will now be part of the record produced by Voxlog Client.


Ease of Integration

Simple and efficient docket of the day integration

Complete Minutes

Adds information to the case file and makes the minutes more comprehensive.


Facilitates the search and the comprehension of case files.

Voxlog Integrator

  • Record, search and playback
  • Comprehensive annotations for faster transcription
  • Personal annotation
  • Monitoring of recording station
  • Files central copy solution
  • Included Backup and Recovery
  • Files transfer between local stations to a supervised and secure server
  • 2 or 4 channels recording
  • Docket of the day integration
  • Windows 7-8  and 10 Support
  • Windows 2008 up to 2016 Support
  • VM Ware Support
  • IIS Support
Advanced security measures implementation:
  • Fallback in case of fault functioning
  • Transactions audit trail
    • Consultation – listening
    • Confidentiality changes
    • Exportation (burning)
    • Metadata modification (annotations)
  • Active directory integration
    • Unique authentication
    • Links to corporate security policies
  • DB MS SQL 2016 and Oracle 12C Support
  • Inscription of the original MD5 key in the database
  • MS-SQL 2008 Express local support
  • Better recovery capacity
  • Easy management

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