Voxlog Suite

The Complete Audio Recording Software Suite

Voxlog Suite meets the needs of all hearing managers.

The solution

Should you need audio capture for one or thousands rooms, located in one or many buildings, connected through a local or wide area network, or even for a mobile recording, Voxlog Suite is your solution of choice.


Meets your needs

Voxlog meets your needs. It’s flexible and secure. This suite of software allows you to capture your audiences, add annotations, secure and control access, integrate your role with Voxlog Integrator, search and listen on a variety of tools.

Other functions

You can make complete copies of one or more audio files and transcribe them with Voxlog Copy and Voxlog Player, generate reports and know the real-time status of the courtrooms with Voxlog Stat and Voxlog Monitor.

You can listen to your files from mobile devices with Voxlog Web and manage database access with Voxlog Server, Voxlog Backup and Voxlog Restore.


Voice Recording
  • Allows recording from a desktop computer or from a laptop computer for people who travel
  • Many recording stations towards a central storage
  • Possibility to pause the recording
  • Annotate during and after the audio capture
  • Quickly identify speakers, events and minutes
  • Eliminate problems resulting from incomplete or incorrect notes
  • Time stamped annotations with recording
  • The audio files are available anytime, anywhere
  • Quick access to the deliberations by clicking on the annotation
  • User and group management can link up to 100 workstations
Time Reference
  • Precise time reference
  • Automatic stamping of the time at which the events occur
  • Quick and easy search for audio files (by name, creation date, keywords)
  • Allows searches for audio files even while recording
  • The audio files are archived on different types of media (CD-DVD) or on a central server
  • Extraction of files in WAV or MP3 format
  • Ability to duplicate and compress records in multiple formats

Voxlog Suite


  • Record, search and playback
  • Comprehensive annotations for faster transcription
  • Personal annotation
  • Monitoring of recording station
  • Files central copy solution
  • Included Backup and Recovery
  • Files transfer between local stations to a supervised and secure server
  • 2 or 4 channel recording
  • Docket of the day integration
  • Windows 7,  8 and 10 Support
  • Windows 2008 up to 2016 Support
  • VM Ware Support * except Voxlog Client components
  • IIS Support
Advanced security measures implementation:
  • Fallback in case of fault functioning
  • Transactions audit trail
    • Consultation – listening
    • Confidentiality changes
    • Exportation (burning)
    • Metadata modification (annotations)
  • Active directory integration
    • Unique authentication
    • Links to corporate security policies
  • DB MS SQL 2016 and Oracle 12C Support
  • Inscription of the original MD5 key in the database
  • MS-SQL 2008 Express local support
  • Better recovery capacity
  • Easy management

Voxlog Client allows the complete audio capture of hearings and the association of information.

Search and listen to your hearings as well as give the same permissions to a large group of users in your organization.

Voxlog Copy allows the digital copying of hearings.

Voxlog Server enables a secure, stable and reliable communication between Voxlog Client, Voxlog Client Lite, Voxlog Copy and the database.

Voxlog Monitor allows you to monitor the state of your courtrooms in real time.

Voxlog Stat offers a complete view of the physical use of courtrooms.

Voxlog Integrator integrates information from your docket of the day for each hearing case into the Voxlog solution.

Voxlog Player is a utility software included with each copy produced by Voxlog Copy.

Voxlog Web allows you to search and to listen to hearings from anywhere via your browser.

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