Voxlog Client Lite

Quickly Search and Listen to your Hearings

With Voxlog Client Lite, you can search and listen to your hearings as well as give the same permissions to a large group of users in your organization. This software uses the same security as Voxlog Client and thanks to its inexpensive approach, it can be installed on many workstations.

  • Add, remove and correct annotations with the administrative rights.
  • Accessible from a desktop computer or laptop.
  • Listen to your hearing at the right time.
  • Listen to the audio files privately and discreetly.

Voxlog Client Lite

  • Record, search and playback
  • Comprehensive annotations for faster transcription
  • Personal annotation
  • Monitoring of recording station
  • Files central copy solution
  • Included Backup and Recovery
  • Files transfer between local stations to a supervised and secure server
  • 2 or 4 channels recording
  • Docket of the day integration
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 Support
  • Windows 2008 up to 2016 Support
  • IIS Support
Advanced security measures implementation:
  • Fallback in case of fault functioning
  • Transactions audit trail
    • Consultation – listening
    • Confidentiality changes
    • Exportation (burning)
    • Metadata modification (annotations)
  • Active directory integration
    • Unique authentication
    • Links to corporate security policies
  • DB MS SQL 2016 and Oracle 12C Support
  • Inscription of the original MD5 key in the database
  • MS-SQL 2008 Express local support
  • Better recovery capacity
  • Easy management
  • Volume: 20 MB
  • OS: Windows 7-8-10-2008-2012-2016
  • Prerequisites: Sound card
  • MS SQL: 2005-2008-2012-2014-2016
  • Oracle: 8-9-10-11-12

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