In the information age, legal professionals understand the importance of having the right technological tools for the tasks they want to accomplish. At Voxlog, we understand the importance of providing the best experience for our clients. That’s why Voxlog allows you to properly document your files and decisions through audio recording for legal professionals.


The power of recording with Voxlog pro

When it comes to recording the audio of meetings, Voxlog Pro offers an experience that meets the expectations of professionals. Thanks to its modular approach, Voxlog Pro allows professionals to focus on their meeting while our software records the audio.

No distractions and unpleasant surprises, just a reliable recording that is stored on the hard drive of the Windows computer, which is used to capture the voice of the meeting participants.

Imagine, as a legal professional, for example, how much easier it becomes to choose the right path for a case when it is possible to replay, in whole or in part, any of the interviews that took place previously.

No more memory lapses or oversights. No more need to write everything down. Audio recording reduces the incidence of misunderstandings or conflicts and guides the right decisions to be made based on the recorded facts.


Benefits of recording meetings:

  1. The creation of reliable audio files, often used as evidence.
  2. Unlimited access to information.
  3. Unlimited annotations can be added to each audio recording to further structure key moments.
  4. An audio reference that crosses time to avoid forgetting or interpreting according to memories that have become blurred.


Main features of Voxlog Pro

The Voxlog Pro software offers functions that lawyers need to record audio, accompanied by as many written annotations as they wish. The main functions of Voxlog are: recording, replicate, replaying and sharing.



The audio capture is done via a personal computer equipped with a built-in or external microphone and running under the Windows environment. Voxlog Pro features a predictable interface that allows the professional to quickly enter the name of the recording folder and then, with a single click, start recording, which continues until it is manually stopped. If necessary, the recording can be paused and then restarted.



There are situations where the professional wants to create a new recording with one or more segments of existing audio recordings. With Voxlog Pro, this is possible thanks to the replicate function. With just a few clicks, replicate creates a new recording with the desired segments.



With the search function, the professional can find the audio recordings he needs to play them back. Whether it’s for attentive replay, with frequent pauses, or replay to remind oneself of the atmosphere of the exchange, Voxlog Pro makes it possible to



Record sharing is easy! The professional chooses all the segments he wants to share and then starts the creation of an archive that can be shared on the media of his choice. USB key, CD, DVD or as a compressed attachment in an email, sharing is within everyone’s reach.


Try Voxlog Pro for free for 30 days

It’s simple! Download Voxlog Pro directly to your computer. Use it with Windows for 30 days. See for yourself the advantages of audio recording in professional practice. A series of tutorials have been created to guide you through the use of the software.



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