Comnet Technologie is proud to announce the launch of Voxlog 3.3, the new version of its software suite Voxlog®. In the past year, Comnet Technology invested time and energy to develop its Voxlog® suite, the new version of Voxlog 3.3 is a proof of those efforts. You will find below a list of new features and improvements that make Voxlog® the best solution for the legal community in Canada.


Voxlog Client

  • USB pedal support for transcription
  • CAPS LOCK validation at login
  • Logging for the playback of files without restrictions
  • Addition of a button to select the behavior of the ENTER key
  • Ability to adjust the size of the characters in the list of the annotations and in the minutes
  • Multi-select in the window of the docket of the day
  • Addition of the vu meter and the server location in the recording state window
  • Improved description of error messages

Voxlog Server

  • Addition of an integrity key of the sound file for security
  • Audit of records without restrictions
  • Displays the number of registered stations
  • CAPS LOCK validation at login
  • Addition of a software ( VLAppInfo ) that extracts the installation data

Voxlog Suite

  • SQL Server (2008 to 2014) support
  • Oracle (8i to 11 g) support
  • Windows Server 2000 to Windows Server 2012 R2 support
  • Windows 2000 to Windows 10 support
  • Active Directory  support
  • Improvement and better viewing of the docket of the day
  • Addition of Voxlog Analyzer, a new software component that allows, among other things, analysis and adjustment of the results of a day in comparison to what was planned by the docket of the day



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